The Teacher Dashboard Roadmap lists the main features that we are working on or are planning for the near future. These updates are at various stages from "planned" to being "released" to our customers.

We also have a long list of features that we will start to work on in the future. We build our application based on feedback from teachers, so if you cannot see what you are looking for below, please get in contact with us via the contact us page and let us know.

For more information about the features that have been released, please visit our Release Notes page.

In Progress
Microsoft Teams Integration

Description: Create and manage your classes assignments through the MS Teams interface.

Anticipated date: 2018

Parent Application

Description: Providing a mobile application for parents to check their child's assignment progress and feedback.

Plagiarism checker

Description: Integration with mainstream plagiarism checker so that teachers can check their student's work when they make an assignment collection.

Anticipated: Early-mid 2018

Assignment scheduler

Description: Set a time and date for an assignment to be sent to, or collected from your students.


Calendar integration

Description: Setting an assignment will create a calendar entry for all recipients and alert them when the assignment is due.


Course creator

Description: Creating a collection of assignments and resources to form a course in which the students can enrol.

Add a teacher to an assignment

Description: Ability to add additional teachers to an assignment at any point during an assignment.


Classroom by Teacher Dashboard

Description: Brand new workflow and feature set, allowing individual teachers to sign up and start using Teacher Dashboard without the need for a school-wide rollout.

Release date: March 2018

BTEC specific assignments

Description: Create assignments with BTEC Unit specific, assessment criteria. Check off your P1s, M2s and D1s from the grading page within TD.

Planned date: 26th July 2017

Edit Assignment Title

Description: Modify an assignment's title at any time during the assignment life time to keep it relevant for the work your students are completing.

Released: 4th July 2017

Assignment Autosave

Description: Assignment details are automatically saved as you enter them.

Released: 22nd May 2017

Edit Sent Assignments

Description: Modify an assignment's instructions or postpone a due date by editing an assignment that has already been sent.

Released: 22nd May 2017

Verifier Role

Description: Give users the role of 'Verifier' so that they can view read-only versions of all assignments across the entire school.

Released: 22nd May 2017

Windows 10 apps

Description: Use Teacher Dashboard and Students Dashboard through native Windows 10 apps. Administrators can roll these apps out across their entire school effortlessly with Microsoft Intune.

Released: 2nd May 2017

Ready to collect

Description: Teachers can see the number of files that a student has handed-in and are waiting to be collected.

Released: 22nd April 2017

Bulk Operations

Description: Collect all or Return all students' work in a single click.

Released: 8th March 2017

Anonymous Marking

Description: Create assignments where student names get anonymised, helping you assure quality control.

Released: 11th February 2017

Student Assignment Status

Description: The status that a student sets for the assignment displays in a traffic light system on Teacher Dashboard, so teachers know when there is work ready to be collected.

Released: 11th February 2017

Hand-in OneNote pages

Description: Students can add resources to their homework and hand-in OneNote pages for their teachers to collect.

Released: 3rd December 2016

Learning over time

Description: New Student Dashboard interface to make handing-in work and receiving and tracking feedback very easy. Students see a timeline of all previous feedback on an assignment to see how they have progressed.

Released: 3rd December 2016

Teaching over time

Description: As a teacher collects, provides feedback and returns an assignment, the progress is published within Teacher Dashboard to provide a detailed history of the learning conversation.

Released: 3rd December 2016

ClassNotebook as an assignment resource

Description: Teachers can add links to OneNote pages as resources to an assignment.

Released: 13th October 2016

Reporting: Assignment Frequency

Description: Teachers can view a report detailing how many assignments other Teachers have set.

Released: 13th October 2016

School Data Sync Integration

Description: Classes and users roles that are automatically created in AAD via Microsoft's SDS program are automatically synced with Teacher Dashboard. Find out more about out pilot on the Microsoft Blog.

Released: 2nd September 2016

Reporting tools across a school or a department

Description: Export and tracking tools for assignments and assessments to help head teachers and department leads keep track of how their teachers and students are performing. Stage one of reporting gives Teachers and Administrators the ability to run reports for specific time periods and see how many assignments have been sent for particular subjects.

Released: 19th July 2016

User Whitelists and Blacklists

Description: Set up a quick pilot with a single class by adding their details to the Whitelist. This way only their names will be synced from Office 365. If you have groups of users you never want to be synced with Teacher Dashboard, e.g. district managers, add them to the Blacklist.

Released: 19th July 2016

Parent Notifications

Description: Ability for teachers to automatically send parents notifications when they send and return assignments.

Released: 19th June 2016

Student assignment statuses

Description: Ability for students to update the status of their assignment so that their teacher can see that their work has started or that they have files ready for collection.

Released: 19th June 2016

Add students to assignments

Description: Ability to add new students to assignments that have previously been sent.

Released: 19th June 2016

Assignment versions

Description: Each assignment collection and return creates a new folder within the teacher's and student's OneDrive so that their work is always traceable.

Released: 19th June 2016

Force full user re-sync

Description: If you users within Office 365 and TD are mismatched due to Office 365 caching and archiving, you can now force a full user re-sync rather than allowing the nightly delta sync to update user details.

Released: 19th June 2016

Class Notebook assignments integration

Description: As part of the Microsoft Class Notebook add-in preview release, you can connect your notebook to Teacher Dashboard so that all assignments created and grades given through OneNote get synced automatically with Teacher Dashboard. Download the Class Notebook add-in from for Windows. Mac users need to upgrade to the latest version of OneNote and the Class Notebook tab with automatically appear when you open an appropriate notebook.

Released: 14th April 2016

Self service for teachers creating classes

Description: Administrators can give teachers permission to either manage their own classes, add themselves to classes or manage classes across the whole school.

Released: 24th March 2016

Student Dashboard improvements

Description: General Student Dashboard interface improvements to increase student engagement

Released date: 24th March 2016

Collaborative assignments

Description: Adding resources from the internet as a link within an assignment. This allows teachers to add links to their Word documents, spreadsheets and OneNotes so that student's can collaborate on an assignment before handing their own work via the normal assignment submission process. Visit our adding links within assignments page support page for more infomation.

Released: 27th Feb 2016

Assignment and subject improvements

Description: Ability to add icons and colours to your subjects for the tile view of your assignments page to make them easier to manage.

Released: 27th Feb 2016


Description: When you have more than one school on a single tenant, Multischool gives you the ability to organise your users into their own “ring-fenced” organisations. They have their own classes, groups and users, and they can be managed by their own Teacher Dashboard Administrators. Visit our Multischool page for more information.

Released: 28th Jan 2016

Grade exports

Description: Export your students' grades into a CSV file for import into your gradebook program.

Released: December 2015

AAD Sync

Description: Ability to keep groups within AAD and classes and groups within TD in sync, reducing the admin overhead of keeping classes up to date. Visit our Azure Active Directory Sync page for more information.

Released: 7th September 2015

Student Dashboard

Description: Students can log in to view, manage and respond to their assignments. Through this easy to use interface, students have all of their work in a single location making it easier for them to keep on top of their workload. Visit our Student Dashboard page for more information.

Released: June 2015

Assignment and user manager

Description: Improved interfaces for teachers and admins to manage their assignments and users respectively..

Released: Feb 2015

CSV Import

Description: Administrators can automatically set up their classes via a CSV import

Released: December 2014

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