Office 365 Integration

Our integration with Office 365 allows you to sign in with your Microsoft account credentials to access Teacher Dashboard 365 apps and services. This is called single sign-on (SSO).

As single sign-on (SSO) is an identification system, it allows us to verify who you are using your Office 365 account details without needing to store your password in our databases.

This provides additional benefits, including:

  • A simple and secure experience across our products and services
  • You only ever need to remember one set of login details
  • It reduces login errors from students



We follow strict security policies to help keep your data safe and are ISO 27001 compliant. To meet this globally recognised standard for good security practice we undergo independent testing. ISO 27001 also supports other compliance including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and NIS Regulations (Network and Information Systems Regulations). Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Need further information about our data security? Contact our Head of Data Protection at or by writing to them at the following address: FAO: Head of Data Protection, Unit 14, The Ivories, 6/18 Northampton Street, London, N1 2HY, UK.