School Plan

Taking the admin out of assignments

Assignments are a key way for schools to track students’ progression, but assigning, marking and reporting on progress can take up precious time.

Here at Teacher Dashboard 365, we’re committed to developing tools to help reduce the admin for schools and colleges. Working tirelessly with teachers and administrators, creating a tool to make Office 365 easier for schools and help teachers keep on top of assignments.

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Stay Focused

Use your Office 365 Setup to save time

We connect with your schools Office 365 account to setup Teacher Dashboard 365, so there’s no need for anyone to remember yet another login. Use our Azure Active Directory integration to help keep your accounts up to date or use CSV to import the data you need to create and edit classes.


Stay Efficient

Create and share assignments in seconds

Our School Plan connects directly with your Office 365 account, streamlining the process of creating and sharing assignments. Add your everyday files and resources to your assignments from OneDrive or OneNote at the touch of a button.


Stay Empowered

Decide how YOU want to assess work

We know that not every assignment can be marked the same way. We make it easy to create your school's own assessment criteria, so all teachers can give meaningful feedback to help students’ progress. Use Anonymous Marking for your assignments whether to support the requirements of your examining body or to avoid unconscious bias.


Stay Prepared

Evidence Student Progression

Give in-depth feedback at each stage of the assignment; each students’ progression is automatically recorded on the activity timeline allowing you to easily prepare and share evidence of knowledge and skills students are achieving against expectations.


Stay Informed

Get informed as things happen

Students are sent email notifications when you send assignments. You’ll receive notifications when students have handed in work and when it’s ready to mark - allowing you to take action and meet deadlines. You can also automate notifications for parents.


Stay on Course

Track progress at a glance 

The Assignments Overview shows how many students have started work, how many assignments are ready to mark and how many have been assessed across all assignments and classes, with filters allowing you to drill down to class level. You can also monitor individual student’s progress over time so you can implement intervention strategies exactly when they’re most needed.


Stay Data Driven

View and export reports for students and assignments

The Gradebook area tracks each student’s progression throughout the curriculum. Export via CSV and upload to your schools MIS or a gradebook system like ProMonitor.

From sending assignments to managing feedback, monitoring students’ progress to reporting on progress, our School Plan provides a powerful and safe solution that reduces the admin burden for staff across the school.