TD Assignments

Taking the admin out of assignments

Teacher Dashboard 365 is integrated with Microsoft Teams! We’ve kept what you love about Teacher Dashboard 365 and integrated with Microsoft Teams to give you a powerful set of tools which work seamlessly together.

From assigning work, to visibility of your students’ progression, right through to the marking - the whole process can take up time you just don’t have.

Here at Teacher Dashboard 365, we’re committed to developing tools to help reduce the admin around assignments for teachers. We work tirelessly with teachers just like you, to create a tool to help you keep on top of your workload. Even better, it works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, giving you more power over your assignments!

Use our free Microsoft Teams App, TD Assignments, to create a single workspace that keeps all your resources, tools and conversations in one place. Freeing you up to do what matters most - teaching.

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Stay Connected

Power up your conversations

Encourage teamwork by giving students a place to collaborate (and listen!). Use Conversations, online meetings and web conferencing in Microsoft Teams to keep your students talking and learning from each other.


Stay Informed

Get informed as things happen

Students are sent email notifications when you send assignments and you’ll receive notifications when students have handed in work, so you know when work is ready to mark. You can also automate notifications for parents.


Stay Empowered

Decide how YOU want to assess work

We know that not every assignment can be marked the same way. We make it easy to create your own assessment criteria, so you can give meaningful feedback to help your students’ progress.


Stay on Course

Track progress at a glance 

The assignment overview shows how many students have started work, how many assignments are ready to mark and how many have been assessed. You can also monitor individual student’s progress over time so you can implement intervention strategies exactly when they’re most needed.


Stay Focused

No account admin

It’s free and easy to set up; we connect with your Office 365 account to create your Teacher Dashboard 365 account, so you don’t need to remember yet another login. You can add anyone in your tenant to your class and, that’s it!

Whether it’s sending assignments, managing feedback, or monitoring progress, TD Assignments provides a simple and safe digital solution with real-time updates.

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