School Plan FAQs

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Setting Up

How do I install the Teacher Dashboard 365 app?

Teacher Dashboard 365 is an application that is available from the Office 365 store and the Windows 10 store. More information can be found on the Getting Started tutorial.

How do I add students to Teacher Dashboard 365?

You don't need to. Teacher Dashboard 365 automatically recognises the all students in your Office 365 tenant, without the need for any onboarding or account creation.

How can I add students to classes and groups?

The Teacher Dashboard 365 App allows you to quickly add students to classes and groups through a simple to use drag-and-drop interface.

Our 'Sync classes' feature allows you to setup all your classes (and assign teachers/students) through a CSV import file, which can be generated from your School Management System (SMS) or Active Directory (AD).

Ask your Teacher Dashboard 365 administrator to login to Teacher Dashboard 365 and choose 'Admin | Classes' from the main menu, then click the 'Sync classes' link to upload the file. Learn more in ourĀ Importing and Syncing tutorial.


Some users are missing from the Users page, how do I re-sync a user list?

Teacher Dashboard 365 keeps a cache of the Office 365 user list in order to speed up user searches. The cache is refreshed on a regular basis automatically, but occasionally requires manual refreshing by a Teacher Dashboard admin, especially if a user has just been recently added to Office 365.

To refresh the cache manually, go to 'Admin' | 'Users', and click on 'Sync users' in the top righthand corner of the screen.

If you still do not see all of your users, please go to: to re-consent to the Teacher Dashboard 365 permissions. Once you have re-consented, please click on Sync users again.

Why do some users have an orange question mark next to their name?

Users with 'unprovisioned' OneDrives will appear with an orange question mark next to them. Unprovisioned users haven't accessed their OneDrive and therefore won't be able to receive shared documents or assignments, because their OneDrive storage does not get created by Microsoft until they try to use it for the first time.

If you need to create classes for a new intake of students who will not have accessed their one drives there are various ways for an administrator to do so on their behalf. One such method is to use a "bulk provisioning tool" which you can read more about on our User Setup tutorial under 'Setting up Students' OneDrives'.


Can I create custom groups?

Yes. Every teacher can create their own public and private groups and add any users that they like. There is no limit to the number of groups you can create. Read our Groups tutorial for more information.

Are my private groups shared with others?

No your private groups are you for only, other teachers in your school don't see or have access to them. Learn more in our Groups tutorial.

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