Customising Subjects (Administrator)

Our Customising Subjects tutorial will help you to learn how to set up and manage your Subjects.


Subjects control how quick share files and assignments are stored within your students' and your OneDrives.

Adding a Subject Video

Subjects control how assignments and documents are organised within your OneDrive and within your Students' OneDrives. Once a subject has been added, all teachers can see the subject by default. They can manage their subject list via the Teacher's Subject Manager.

Adding a New Subject

To add a new subject, login as an Administrator and go to the settings tab.

Click on the Screenshot of 'Add a New Subject' button button, which will display the Add a new subject popup, where you can type in your subject name and click create to save the subject. This subject will now be available to all of your teachers across your school.


Subjects can be named anything that you want. If you are a sports teacher and you want to share a training brochure to everyone in your team, you may want to have a subject called: Sports training, or Athletics. If you have multiple modules within a subject, you can even use a naming convention e.g. Biology - Photosynthesis, Biology - Internal systems.

Customise an Existing Subject

Add customised icons and colours to your existing subjects to make them more identifiable.

To do this, log in as an administrator of your school and go to the Subjects page

Screenshot of Subject Manager


Click on 'manage' next to the subject that you want to customise. In the following popup, you can choose the icon most relevant to your subject and select a colour from the colour palate.

Screenshot of 'Edit Subjects' popup


Click on Save and go to your Assignment manager page to see how it will be displayed.

Screenshot of subject icons shown against assignments