Multi-School (Administrator)

Our Multi-School tutorial will help you to learn how to set up and manage Multi-School.


If you have more than one school on a single tenant, you can use Multi-School to split your users into their relevant schools making them easier to manage.


Multi-School is part of every Teacher Dashboard 365 installation and allows you to create additional schools with their own classes, teachers, students, assignments, subscription and features.

Adding a New School

As a Multi-School Admin, log into Teacher Dashboard 365 and click on Multi-School Manager. This will take you take you out of the individual school mode so that you can make changes across your entire installation.

Screenshot of Multi-School Manager


On the Schools page, click on the Screenshot of 'New' button button. Enter a new school name and a description to help you identify the school later. Click on Save and next.

Screenshot of 'Add a new school' modal


You can alter the default language, timezone and Teacher Dashboard 365 root folder for this new school. After clicking on save, you can start to set up classes and groups.

Screenshot of second part of 'Add a new school' modal


Once you have created your new schools, you will need to assign users to them so that they are available for teachers and classes. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Bulk assign existing classes to a school (see further section of the tutorial)
  • Bulk assign groups to a school
  • Set up automatic syncing with AAD
  • Import a CSV into the school
  • Map your users via your domain

User Roles

When the Multi-School feature was initially released (on 27th January 2016), anyone within Teacher Dashboard 365 who had the role of 'Admin', was also assigned a new role of 'Multi-School Admin'. At the time this did not grant these users permission to do anything that they were previously unable to do, but if you had many admins across your school, you may want to check if this level of permissions is still relevant for every Admin.



Administrators are able to create classes, subjects and marking formats across their school. They are also able to change their school's Teacher Dashboard 365 subscription and enable or disable features such as Student Dashboard and AAD Sync.

Administrators are always working in the context of a single school, and have to switch between schools using the school picker in the top left corner. Screenshot of Multi-School school pickerThey are not able to perform actions across more than one school from the same interface.


Multi-School Administrators

Multi-School Administrators have all of the rights of an Administrator, but they also have access to 'Multi-School Mode' where they can create new schools, create and assign classes to any schools and manage each school's subscription and features.

When clicking on the 'Multi-School manager' they are taken to an overview of all of the schools that are set up on their tenant.
Screenshot of 'Multi-School Manager' showing multiple schools
They no longer have to switch between schools, and can perform actions in bulk for many schools e.g.:

  • Assign users to more than one school

Assigning Classes to a School

Assigning existing classes to a school

If you have decided to split your user base into separate schools within Teacher Dashboard 365, there is a good chance that you will already have a number of classes (from an import/AAD sync or that belong to a previously created school) that you want to move to the new school rather than just creating new classes.


As a Multi-School Admin, enter 'Multi-School manager' mode and go to the classes page. This will list all of the classes that exist within Teacher Dashboard 365 and also the school to which they are assigned.

Screenshot of 'Multi-School Manager' mode classes page


Select all of the classes you wish to move to the new school.

Screenshot showing bulk selection of classes


Click on the 'Select a bulk action' drop down list and select 'Assign to a school'.

Screenshot showing assignment of classes to new school


Select the new school for these classes and click on Assign.

Screenshot showing selection of new school


Note: please read the information on this popup window before electing to assign these classes to the new school. Classes can only belong to one school at a time, meaning that, if it already has a school, this action will remove it from that school.

When the class is moved, Teacher Dashboard 365 will check to see if the students still belong to any other classes or groups within the original school. If they do not, then the user will be removed from the original school and will no longer show up in the Users select boxes for classes, groups, quick shares or assignments.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you check this checkbox to keep them in the original school


Screenshot showing checkbox to keep class in original school