Parent Notifications (Administrator)

Our Parent Notifications tutorial will help you to learn how to set up and manage emails to Parents.

Sending Parents Emails Video

This video shows how to enable parent notifications and add parent details within Teacher Dashboard, so they will receive email notifications when teachers send out assignments and feedback.

Managing Parent Emails

As a school’s administrator log into Teacher Dashboard 365 and navigate to Parent Management from the School Settings menu.

As a Teacher decide if you want to notify your parents when you send new assignments or when you return assignments with grades, feedback, or both. In Teacher Dashboard 365 go to the Notifications menu and select your preferred options.

Lastly, you have to add some parents' details. Go to the User list and find your student. Click Manage next to their name and go to the Parent tab. Add the parent's name and email address.

Repeat these steps with all of your students.

Next time you send or return an assignment to your students an email will be sent to their parents as well.