Upgrades (Administrator)

Our Upgrades tutorial will help you to learn how to manage Upgrades.

Upgrading to TD Plus

If you have been using TD Basic but would like to add great features like Student Dashboard, you will need to upgrade your subscription from within the Teacher Dashboard 365 application.

As an admin of Teacher Dashboard 365, click on the Admin menu link and go to the subscription tab.

From here you will see two options: 
Screenshot of TD Pricing page showing two options

Scroll to the bottom of the TD Plus option box and click on the 'Pick me!' button.



You can try TD Plus for free for 30 days, if you click on the link underneath the Pick me! button. If the link is not available, it is possible that someone else within your school has already tried TD Plus and used up the 30 day free trial.

You will see a popup where you need to enter your billing details. Click on 'continue' and you will be upgraded to TD Plus. You will receive an invoice via email shortly after signing up.