Student Tutorial

Student Dashboard allows students to view, manage and submit their Assignments through a personalised portal.

In order to access Student Dashboard, your tenant administrator must upgrade Teacher Dashboard 365 to TD Plus. More instructions can be found here.

The easiest way to get to a specific assignment within Student Dashboard is via the link that is on your assignment notification email. Alternatively, you can access the Assignment management page for Student Dashboard by clicking on, or creating a shortcut using this link:

Receiving an Assignment

When an assignment is set by a teacher, you will receive an email notification. If Student Dashboard is enabled you will see a link that will take you to your assignment page. If Student Dashboard is not enabled, you will receive a path where you can find your assignments in your OneDrive.


If you have not viewed your assignment before, or if you have not copied any files into the 'My Work' tab, you will land on the Resources tab when you open an assignment. The Resources tab displays the information that your teacher sent you for this assignment.

Screenshot showing Students Resources view


You can see the Due date and time, the subject, teacher who has given you the assignment and details of the instructions and any resources included in the assignment.

Resources can be opened directly from this page, however if you want to change them, click on the "Copy to 'My Work'" button. This will create a new copy for you in the 'My Work' tab, enabling you to revert to the original file if needed.

In order to start again, click on "Copy to 'My Work'" and click Yes when asked if you want to overwrite the existing file. 

Note: Any changes you have made to the existing file in the 'My Work' section with be lost. You cannot undo this action.

Working On An Assignment

My Work

If you have any files within your 'My Work' tab, you will land here when you open an assignment on Student Dashboard. The My Work tab is your workspace for editing and adding any files that you will be working on for this assignment.

Screenshot showing Student 'My Work' view

Clicking on an Office 365 file will open it within your browser where you can edit the contents. Any changes will be saved automatically. You can also add files from your OneDrive, computer or add links to OneNote pages as needed.

When you are ready, click on 'Hand-in' and change the status to 'Complete' so that your teacher knows you have work ready for them to review. You can hand-in files as many times as you like. If a file with the same name has already been handed-in and is not being reviewed by your teacher, you will need to overwrite the existing handed-in file.


Updating an Assignment's Status

Assignment Status

On Student Dashboard, every assignment has three statuses which will display to your teacher. By default, when you are sent a new assignment, this status will be set to 'Not Started'.

Screenshot showing Assignment 'Not Started' Status



When you begin to work on your assignment, you should change this status to 'In Progress'. This will let your teacher know that you have started your assignment and so they can be ready for any further actions they may need to take.

Screenshot showing Assignment Status dropdown


Once you are happy with your assignment and you need it to be collected by your teacher, change this status to 'Complete'. Your teacher will then know that you have submitted files as part of your response, which they can collect and then provide you with feedback.

Receiving Assignment Grades

Work Handed-In

The Work handed-in tab displays all files waiting to be reviewed by your teacher, all previous submission you have made and all feedback that your teacher has sent you for an assignment.

Screenshot showing Student 'Work Handed-In' view

On the left you can see a timeline of all previous submissions and feedback your teacher has sent you, so that you can track your progress over time.

Screenshot showing Student timeline of all previous submissions and feedback

If your teacher has asked you to continue to work on a file, or to redo a task or question, you can copy the files your teacher has returned, back into the 'My Work' tab so that you complete the next stage of work on the same document.

Questions and Answers

Here you can ask questions about this specific assignment and see answers to all questions. While teacher will be able to see who asked the question and edit it or delete if needed, students will see only questions, the person asking it will remain anonymous to other students.


Timeline shows all the actions accrued with assignment. You can’t do anything about timeline, it just registers time and action and person who made an action.

Timeline – you can see all evens in timeline. It will display the date assignment was shared with you and all actions like, teacher collecting assignment, assessing it and returning. Teacher Dashboard supports multiple collection and returns, all those events will be captured in timeline.

Screenshot showing Student Assignment Timeline