Class Setup (Teacher)

Our Class Setup tutorial will help you to learn how to set up and manage your Classes if you are a Teacher with Administrator Permissions.

Adding New Class Video

This video shows a user adding a new class. Click on the Admin link in the main navigation then click on the Classes link in the top left corner of the page. Add each Class to the Teacher Dashboard 365 by typing in the Class name and clicking on the Add a new class button. You can edit a class's name by selecting Class from the left hand side bar and clicking edit next to the subject name on your right.

Adding a New Class

To create a class, log into Teacher Dashboard 365 and go to the Classes page. If you have the permission to create a new class, you will see the Screenshot of 'New' button button underneath the Classes page title.

Click on the New button and you will see the add classes popup window where you can add a name and a description so that you can identify it later.

Screenshot of 'Add a new class' modal


If the class has been created, you will see a success message and see the Details, Advanced and Members tabs.

Screenshot showing success message following class setup


If you only have the role of 'Teacher' within Teacher Dashboard, when you click on the Advanced tab, you will not be able to change the school that the class belongs to and so the 'Remove from this school' button will be greyed out.

Screenshot showing greyed out screen only for Multi-School administrators


Managing Class Members

As a teacher, if you have the permission to manage your classes, you can add teachers and students to any class where you are already set as a teacher.

Go to the Classes page and click on 'manage' next to the class you want to organise. In the popup window, go to the 'Members' tab.

If you created this class, you will already be the class's teacher. You can add more members by clicking on "Add a user to this class". This button will be greyed out if you do not have the correct permissions.

Screenshot showing class members


Click on the "Add a user to this class" button and start typing the name of the user you wish to add. This will search all of the users in your school and display their name under the input box.

Screenshot showing adding a new user to class


Click on their name, and they will be added as a student to the class. (You can change their role by selecting the appropriate radio button). The student will now show up on the Teacher's Dashboard 365.

Screenshot showing new student now in class list