Tools (Teacher)

Our Tools tutorial will help you to learn how to use and manage the Tools available in Teacher Dashboard 365.


On the Dashboard from the left panel you can view the contents of your OneDrive where you can navigate through your folders and open files directly from the dashboard.

 Screenshot showing list of OneDrive folders

If you have been working on a file on your PC and would like to upload it to your OneDrive, this can also be done from the Dashboard, by clicking on 'Upload' Screenshot of 'Upload' button and selecting the file from your computer.

Sharing Documents

Sharing Files Video

You can share any files that are visible in the list of My OneDrive files on the Dashboard. Click on the Share link to the right of the file, select a Subject and choose a Class, a Group or you could choose just one user. Teacher Dashboard will automatically create a folder in the recipients OneDrive and save the file within that folder.  To know where exactly your file will be located, click on 'Where does file get copied to?' inside the sharing window.

Quick Share

To share a document without including it as part of an assignment, find it through the My OneDrive panel and click 'share' next to the document you want to distribute. You will be presented with a popup window where you have to choose a subject to which this file relates and choose the people you wish to receive the file.
Screenshot showing 'Quick Share' modal 
(See Subjects for teachers and Customising Subjects for administrators for more information on how to edit this list.)


You do not have to only share files with students, you can use Quick share to send files to anyone within the same school.

When you share a file with Quick Share, a copy of the document gets saved on to all recipients' OneDrives within their Teacher Dashboard assigned folder in the form "Subject - teacher's name".


Sharing History

Occasionally, there may be an issue when sharing a file with other users. If you think this might be the case, you can check for any issues by clicking on Screenshot of 'Sharing History' button. This will display a popup window with the status of each individual document share that you have performed.

You will see that the status is either 'Pending' or 'Complete'. Depending on the size of the file you are sharing, the status may stay as 'Pending' for up to a couple of minutes, however if it remains as 'Pending' indefinitely, please try to share the file again or speak with your IT administrator to ensure that the recipient's OneDrive is provisioned.


Preview Students' Work (OneDrive Preview)

The OneDrive Preview allows teachers to browse through a student's OneDrive and download any files they may be working on. This allows them early visibility of a student's work in progress.

The large panel on the right hand side provides an overview of your classes. Navigate between your classes via the Class dropdown to see all the students you teach.

In the “Select an action” box, select “Show OneDrive” to view a the contents of that student's OneDrive.

At the moment we provide visibility only to the files located in “My Schoolwork” that is created by our application once first file or assignment is shared.

Note: If you require complete visibility of a student's entire OneDrive, your tenant administrator will need to contact us to request access.

Viewing Students' Assignment Progress (Show Assignments)

From the Dashboard, you can select a single student to see how they are doing across all of the assignments that you have set them.

Click in the "Select an action" dropdown box and select "Show assignments". This will take you to the Assignments page, with a filter on that student. This will show you how many assignments they are working on and how many they have completed.

Export Grades

As part of an assignment, you may give your students an assessment grade or mark. These can be customised by an admin (see Marking formats for more information).


Grades can be anything from a numerical integer to anything that can be contained in a select list. e.g. you could have a number between 0 and 25 or equally you could have a select list showing: Excellent work, Well done, You can do better, See me!

Try experimenting with different marking formats to suit your specific needs.


Export Individual Student Grades

On the Dashboard, you can choose to export all of the grades you have given one student.

Click on the "Select and action" dropdown box next to the student's name and select "Export grades". You will then get an option to download or open a CSV file which has all of the assignments, marks and comments you have given that student.


Export Entire Assignment Grades

In order to create a CSV export of all students who participated in an assignment, click on the Assignments menu item.

On the assignment organiser page, click on 'Manage' next to the relevant assignment that you are interested in.


If an assignment has previously been closed, you will need to click on "Open" in order for the "Manage" link to appear.

On the collection tab, scroll to the bottom of the recipients list and click on the Export button. This will prompt you to download a CSV file containing all of the recipients, their email address, grade and comment for the assignment.

Manage Subjects

In Teacher Dashboard, Subjects are used to group assignments and quick share files together so they are easy to find within a student's OneDrive. Subjects are just a list of selectable options rather than a group of users, and therefore you could teach any number of classes for each subject, as well as any number of subjects for each class.

Visit Administrator instructions on Customising Subjects.


Teacher's Subject Manager

Some teachers may not want to see all of the subjects that are available across the entire school and they want to create a list of 'favorite subjects' only. Teacher Dashboard has a Subject Manager where individual teachers can show or hide subjects from the global school wide list.

Login as a teacher and go to your subjects page. 

Screenshot of 'Subjects' menu

From here you can click on 'show' or 'hide' to pick which subjects you want to display in your subject dropdown when using quick share or setting an assignment.

Screenshot showing 'Subjects Manager'


As subjects are just used to manage the filing system, you can create some administrative subjects for when sharing files and assignments between teachers. E.g. Reports.