Student Tutorial

Our Student tutorial will help you to learn how to submit your Assignments and receive feedback and grades from your Teacher.

Join your Class

You can only be invited to join a class by a Teacher and will receive an email with login instructions.

If you have received an invitation, just log in using your Office 365 account details​.

Teacher Dashboard 365 works by connecting with your Office 365 account, which also allows your teacher to see your work in OneDrive.

You must accept a Teachers invitation to receive Assignments from them:

  1. Login to Teacher Dashboard 365
  2. Tick the Teacher
  3. Click Grant Access


Assignments Overview

  • View Assignments your Teacher has sent
  • Ask questions at any time using the Q&A
  • Copy the files you need into My Workspace
  • Open the files and complete your work
  • Hand in your work when completed

Your Teacher will grade your Assignment and provide feedback.

Navigation and Filters

  1. Use the filter to view by Class, Subject and Due Date
  2. Remove filters using the Clear link

Working on your Assignment

  1. Click on the Assignment title
  2. Click Copy to my Workspace on the files you need to work on
  3. Click to the My Workspace screen
  4. Click into a file to work on it

Your changes will automatically be saved to the file.

Submitting your Assignment

If you completed your work outside of Teacher Dashboard 365, upload your files to My Workspace.

  1. Click Hand In
  2. Enter any comments for your Teacher
  3. Click Hand In

Assignment Feedback

  1. Click Assignment title
  2. Go to the Submission tab to view all Feedback and/or marks

Asking Questions

  1. Click Assignment title
  2. Go to the Q&A tab
  3. Click Ask a Question
  4. Enter your Question
  5. Click Save

When your teacher replies, you will receive an email and also show in the Assignment Q&A tab. Only you and your teacher will be able to see questions and answers.


You will receive emails and Notifications in Teacher Dashboard 365:

  • A Teacher invites you to join their Class
  • You receive an Assignment
  • You receive feedback for your work
  • Your questions are answered